Gauss referred to mathematics as "the Queen of the Sciences". In the original Latin Regina Scientiarum, as well as in German Königin der Wissenschaften, the word corresponding to science means a "field of knowledge", and this was the original meaning of "science" in English, also; mathematics is in this sense a field of knowledge.

Mathematics is a subject that includes the study of quantity in numerical form, structure, change and space. It includes the study of various concepts mainly in numerical form. The subject focuses on study of shapes, numbers and patterns. The people who do mathematics are Mathematicians. The subject is much useful for solving the daily life problems that occur in real world. Thus, many people, instead of only studying the subject also put it to use. The study of mathematics has made life easy in many ways such as it has made calculations easy to be done; it has provided a great help in proper record keeping of data, it has made life much easier in all. Thus, the study of mathematics is very important. ‘

Students often face difficulties in studying and understanding the subject. The difficulties arise because of inclusion of a lot of numeric data, equations and such concepts. Among many students the subject creates a phobic feeling. Students resist studying mathematics and goes bananas when asked to do mathematics homework. 

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