Physics could be considered as a branch of science that deals with the study of natural phenomenon based on empirical evidences and observational evidences. It involves study of matter and its changing positions and its behavior through space and time along with the concepts such as force and energy. The ultimate goal of Physics is to understand the behavior of universe. The theoretical discovery that gives birth to the developments in technologies also involves the notable contribution of Physics. The elemental theories of physics include classical physics and modern physics. It is an international endeavor that plays a key role in the progress of humankind. The branches of Physics includes: classical mechanics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, electromagnetism, relativity, quantum mechanics and interdisciplinary fields.

Importance of physics can be understood here in terms of: Its being base of science, It lets one understand all the core concepts of science in terms of concepts developed in physics, the use of x-rays, radioisotope, laser, electron microscopes, and electronics all is based on the advancement in physics. It also holds a major role in looking for solutions to many problems being faced by the human race. Physics even generate the fundamental knowledge needed for advancing the technology in future. Thus, the prevalence and study of physics holds a major importance in our lives.

Going through the base understanding of Physics and its importance in the existing world, one cannot deny the fact that studying physics is very much important. But, it is also known to all of us that studying and understanding is never that easy. It includes depth understanding of all the topics, study of various diagrams, performance of various experiments, study of equations and remembering of various terms used in science. It is not an easy for a person to do this all at once. Thus, it becomes really tough to study and learn physics requiring a keen focus and active interest.

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